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Looking for specific WP Plugin WordPress


I'm looking for a free plugin that will create memberships for a user base. All I really need it to do is to register someone, generate a login form... and depending on the level of membership, redirect to a specific url on login that I can set.

Thanks for the help


Answers (5)


Fahad Murtaza answers:

There might not be an out of the box solution for that, I am afraid, you will have to join bits an pieces from plugin and manual code to do that specific thing.


Linda answers:

Hi, maybe WP-Members will work for you? [[LINK href=""]]Here is the link[[/LINK]].


Hardeep Singh answers:


You would have to customize them depending on other functions needed and available in the plugins.


Ram Kumar answers:

I'll Offer you pro plugin for just $10..Easy Member pro plugin worth contact me by my mail([email protected]). i purchased for my website,so you may also use the same.

after plugin working you may pay me.


Jonathan van Clute answers:

You might have a look at this one, I'm not quite clear if everything is free or if some features are in a "premium" version or what but... here you go: