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Looking for expressions of interest to bid on a small job WordPress

A small job for one of my clients... I would like to get people's expression of interest and bids...

Forum Communication Or Equivalent Requirements

- Admin has the rights to create forum or a discussion area

- s2member_level2 role (only) has the ability to create a new topic (a new job posting)
Topic will contain a brief description of the job posting

- Topic should have a configurable expiration date that once reached removes the topic from the forum or discussion area

- Topic creation can be performed in the front end or back end

- S2member_level1 & Subscriber roles have the ability to view topics and respond to created topic

- The response by s2member_level1 & Subscriber roles always needs to be private. That is, only the topic creator and the respondee will see any replies between each other. 2member_level1 & Subscriber roles will not see each other’s replies to the topic

- I am not concerned whether this is achieved by the use of existing plugins and some custom config, or built from scratch, providing it has a realistic budget

- I am open to using bbpress if the top requirements can be met, or even using custom post types to provide the functionality above

- The solution does not have to be a traditional forum but it must allow a specific user role to create a topic of discussion and allow 2 particular user roles to respond privately... The topic ideally should have an expiration date. Open to all solution possibilities and bids...

I'm very easy to work with and can provide detailed business requirements or clarifications upon request...


Answers (2)


Hariprasad Vijayan answers:

Hello Sean,

I don't think this can be achieve by using some plugin. Probably need to create custom one for this.


Firoja_Imtosupport answers:

Hi Sean,

Please can you share me your skype Id and we can discuss of requirement and finalise?