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Looking for expert in combining js and css in wt3c WordPress


I'm looking for a developer that could help out with the optimization process when it comes to combining js and css files in wt3c
This means using the manual minifying option in w3 total cache plugin. Using combine and async as option. Where js are combined with other js fiels and css are combined with other css files. Trying to get down the request as much as possible and render blocking.

I can help out as well in the process. We can for sure come to an agreement how much this will cost. Please pm me.

Answers (1)


Ian Lincicome answers:

Are you looking to build a system to automate the process of converting a CSS file into JS? if so, why and if not please explain.

Veritus comments:

Sorry Ian, we are misunderstanding eachother,

We are only going to use W3 Total Cache Plugin with the Minifying options, using combine and async. Then correcting the errors that appears. So no, we are not going to convert any css to a js file. Js are combined with other js files and css are combined with other css files for getting down request as well, getting down renders blocks and so on..