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Location and Radius picker WordPress


Hello there guys,

So, we have this gravity [[LINK href=""]]form[[/LINK]].

The form registers technicians/mechanics as users that will later perform inspections on vehicles paid by customers through a woocommerce product form.

The goal is to pair up the right mechanic to orders considering their location and the miles radius they are willing to travel.

For this purpose we'd like to implement a location and miles radius picker similar to the one used [[LINK href=""]]here[[/LINK]], so that we can later use that info to pair up users to woo commerce orders submitted via another [[LINK href=""]]form[[/LINK]].

Thanks a lot.

Answers (1)


Kyle answers:

Hello, I can help you out. If you take a look here it is an example of a gravity form that 'live' geocodes, we can use somehting like that or even scale it back to something more simple. In the end you will just need to use something like that to save the lat and long values to custom fields that you will use later.