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Lawrence Krubner @rollioforce abandoned wpquestions? WordPress


I'm very apologize to other user here on wpquestions if this disturbing.
I hope that with this open questions, Mr. Lawrence Krubner could respond in advance.

- update -
I'm not trying to discuss about creating similar site like wpquestions
I really don't know how to contact Lawrence to fix my account problem, so that I could withdraw my remaining prize money that I really need.


It has been more than a year I have problem with my profile on this site, and since that I keep emailed owner - Mr. Lawrence Krubner.
But as most of my friends here in wpquestions - who has same issue or other problem with this site - already know, He is not giving any response at all.

I know this might be very unethical but I've no choice, I also tried to contact him by sending message to place he is work currently,
which according his Linkedin profile -, I sending message to his employer Mr.Jake Soffer,
in hope he could help me a bit just to make sure that Lawrence receive my message, but still no response.

And with my very limited skill to speak in English, I give a try to call him with number that he give on this site,
all I got was "hello" and when I ask if he is Lawrence Krubner, He didn't give answer and hung up my call!
So I give a try for second times and I only can leave message!

We all know that Lawrence Krubner, owner of wpquestions, is person who is very kind & helpful to this community,
I remember when he refused to take money from community pot to refund question that already goes to community pot and use his instead.
But now, I don't know why he don't want to respond my message to simply fix bugs here @wpquestions.

He might have problem with his health or other problem that make him unable to reply my email or fixing bugs on this site.
I wish I know about it and could understand about the situation, but I really don't know since he didn't respond!
It only make me feel frustrating, since every time I receive message about new questions from this site, it remind me about a bug which literally make me unable to withdraw my hard earn prize on this site.
Quite amount that I could use to help my family need but it might be small for the owner of this site.

My fellow devs on my country suggest me to put this problem seriously into surface and willing to help to spread it,
but I hold it since it will affect to this community and of course I don't want to damage someone reputation.

Do anyone have same issue contacting him?
I really need suggestion about what should I do about this.

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raymond answers:

This site is very helpful and I normally come here to get quick and professional help on WordPress problems.

If there are problems on this website and the owner does not want to acknowledge it, why not someone from here form a new group and create another similar site? Surely a group of intelligent people from here is able to easily create a simple one and slowly work to improve and make it better. It is YOU guys that are keeping this site going. Without the "helpers", this site would not survive.

To be honest, if this website dies off one day, I have no idea where else to seek professional help for WordPress problems.

Christianto comments:

Hi Raymond, I appreciate your comment about creating similar site, I'm sure that someone here are able to do that.

But please apologize me if I'm too fussy to ask the owner of this site to fix bugs on this site, especially related to my profile, because there are quite amount of what I earn on this site since I joined, I couldn't withdraw it.

I really hope that it could be fix so I can use it to help my family need.



Kyle answers:

This is the most recent activity I can find of his [[LINK href="!topic/clojure/swMUAXzH_Ok"]]!topic/clojure/swMUAXzH_Ok[[/LINK]] so it appears he is in good health. I agree we need to come up with a solution if he continues to ignore inquiries.

We may need to write a new site... I recently wrote a Stripe Connect plugin which actually might be good for something like this...

Christianto comments:

Thanks Kyle for giving me that infomation.
I hope that the same Lawrence Krubner, if it's true I'll beg him to respond this question and fix bugs on this site including my problem.

Kyle comments:

I'll send a note too on your behalf, hopefully we get a hold of him.

Kyle comments:

As per this page [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] , there is a second co-owner named Darren Hoyt you may consider contacting [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Christianto comments:

Thanks Kyle, Hope he get the message

Christianto comments:

I've contact Darren Hoyt before, but he also couldn't contact him


rochester answers:

I have a few issues that bug me as well (mainly the voting process, which is rather unfair, and many pages that just won't load here), I am sincerely considering coding a similar site for the next month or so, @raymond


Fahad Murtaza answers:

But does Lawrence has to do it personally. The support email didn't respond for the withdrawal? I had the same problem at times and it was resolved by support very quickly.

Christianto comments:

when Misty, wpquestions support, still work here, all issue related to withdrawal and account problem could be resolved quickly. Even at last time when she told me that she didn't work here anymore, she kindly forward my message to Lawrence, but still I don't get any response from him.

Fahad Murtaza comments:

hmm, I only had to deal with Misty for any refund issue, never with Lawrence.


Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

Hi Christianto !
I understand your frustration. I had the same problem at a time, but Lawrence was very responsive and resolved the issue. Are you sure your paypal email is not a problem ?

I can offer you to use my paypal address to see if it works and if it works I transfer you the money. (I understand that it takes to have confidence)
or use the paypal address of a friend to you

Christianto comments:

Hi Sébastien,
when did the last time you could contact him?

Its not a paypal problem, it s my account profile I cannot change anything on my profile, and I think other user has other issue as well but only specific to their account.

Thanks for your comment, information and your offer about paypal Sébastien.

Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

sorry... last reply from him on October 2011


Bob answers:

I have problem with voting. I am not able to vote.


timDesain Nanang answers:

@Christianto and @Bob
I had the same problem as yours (can not vote and withdraw) last year.
I contacted lawrence by email ([email protected]), then he fix the issues.
last reply from him on September 2014


pjeaje answers:

As a customer, I agree that if the admins aren't keeping up with demand then they should sell it off, or another clone be made. This is a valuable resource for both users and helpers.


Andrea P answers:

I don't know if I am the only one, but recently it happens very often that the site gives an error. I forgot to take a screenshot, but it's a brown page with something related to softonic I think..

and by the way, I tried many times to vote, but it always says that I am not allowed.. I've just tried with a question in which I haven't replied. I land in a page where it explains that you are allowed to vote only if you are a true elite or a monthly expert. I am a monthly expert, though, but below it still says "you are not allowed to vote".. :(