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Job Post: an estimate is needed WordPress


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We need a plugin that will capture information a user inputs and then the plugin will send the data to an email address as a CSV format.

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We need a plugin that will capture information a user inputs and then the plugin will merge the inputted data into a PDF template and then send the file to an email address.

<strong>Data Capture / merge</strong>

The data capture form has to be a sequenced form with steps,

i.e. STEP 1, STEP 2, STEP 3

The data capture form will show different inputs depending on a clients choices

i.e. Do you like Cookies? [ x ] Yes [ ] No
What type of cookies do you like?
[ input field ]

i.e. Do you like Cookies? [ ] Yes [ x ] No

Depending on the clients choices the the form will input data into various merge spots in a pdf template.

The form needs to determine what data is to be merged;

For example

IF A was selected merge A into designated merge area
IF A, E was selected Merge A, E into designated merge area

I would like two quotes for this

1) A PDF merge quote
2) a CSV output quote

depending on the price we will decide on which option to take for this project.

Please email quotes to x[email protected]

Answers (1)


Gabriel Reguly answers:


Who will build the input form?

Is it static?


xavier comments:

We will take care of the input form, it will be static, but the form sequence and so on will be designed by the solution provider i.e. you.

Gabriel Reguly comments:

Ok, so I can do it for US$ 50.00

1. Get the result of the input form.
2. Send an email with CSV format of the result.

Do you want the email to have an attached file?

xavier comments:

The email will be sent to "client" not the customer filling out the form,

the email will have the CSV file attached that will be generated from the customers input.

Could you please post quotes to my email opposed to public, i do not want a bidding war.


xavier comments:

Sorry i think you have misunderstood you will be building as follows;

1) A Sequenced data capture form,
(we will design the html / css of the form and the field) but you have to code it
2) CSV or PDF solution as per brief above
3) Email of the data to the website administrator

Gabriel Reguly comments:

Sorry, usually all my communication at WPQuestions is public

I guess I paid more attention to the question itself than to your request to send quotes via email.

Unfortunately I can no longer edit that part of the answer.

Apologies, I was not looking to start a bidding war.

Gabriel Reguly comments:

Hmm, I see.

You would like a dynamic form, depending on the previous answers.

Should it be one page only or will it be a sequence of pages?

xavier comments:

"a sequence of pages"

Gabriel Reguly comments:

Thanks, please find my new bid at your email.