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Jigoshop personalized products WordPress


Hi. i'm not sure if jigoshop questions are right for this site but i thought i would try incase anybody happened to know, as i really need to figure this out :/

I was wondering if there was something available or something i can do to be able to add Personalizations to my products.

The "Can be personalized" section under advanced is perfect but i need to add more than 1 for each product.

I am going to be selling personalized books and items on my site so need my customers to be able to add things such as:
Message.. And each with a set amount of characters

I have had a look at the Product Add-ons ..add-on, but it doesn't seem to be right for what i want, as although it allows me to add multiple type sections for my customers, i need to be able to set how many characters for each one.. as the "can be personalized" section does.

I was also trying to do with through a type attribute as i saw a video where it worked for someone but for some reason i can't get it to work.

Is there anything out there (eg add-on) that allows me to do what i'm looking for? or is there a way i can duplicate the "can be personalized" section so i have more than 1?

Thank you in advance.

Wordpress version: 3.5.1
Jigoshop Version: 1.4.8

Attached Photo: i've attached a photo from the video i saw, he made this possible by using the Attribute Text type, but it doesn't seem to work for me, i'm not sure if this has just stopped working since the personalized section came out or if i am doing some wrong?

p.s Sorry for the long post, i wanted to make sure i tried to explain proply. i've assigned a $10 question because i'm unsure of what this may involve, it could be as simple as a link to an add-on, if this question is going to be something more complicated please let me know.

Answers (2)


Balanean Corneliu answers:

Why you dont use woocommerce plugin i think its more usefull for your needs.

Nicole_Nia comments:

Hello Balanean, Thank you for your reply

Would that be to replace jigoshop? and would mean i would have to redo all my exsisting products?
If so i'm not sure i could face that, I have quite alot on there already :/

I think if worse comes to worse and there is no solution to my problem, then i can have them input an email address where i can send them a personalization form, or have it give them a link after the purchase where i can set up a form for them to fill in.

Would probably be more efficient to do it on the product page but i guess atleast i have a plan B :)

Balanean Corneliu comments:

Give me some ftp and wp-admin to take a look, maybe its some posibility to find a shor way for you.
Email: [email protected]
Skype id: balanean.corneliu

Balanean Corneliu comments:

Attribute Text type i think its working just for Variable Products then if you whant to make this you need to Add Variable Products

Nicole_Nia comments:

Thank you Balanean

Yes all my products are Variables

I done exactly what this guy did in this video:
but didn't seem to work for me

Nicole_Nia comments:

May have a solution as Balanean has come to realize. The reason the Type attributes aren't working seem to be due to my old version of jigoshop.

I was told by the people who made the website to not update it as it may mess up which is why my version is so out of date, but i have always wanted to update anyway so i am going to give it try later and i'm pretty sure this should fix my problem.

I would like to thank Eric and Balaneans, help.

Everybody is always very helpful on this site,
I very much appreciate it :)

Thank you


Eric P. answers:

Is this a new site? Or a site with a well established history with jigoshop?

<strong>@Balanean Corneliu</strong> is correct that WooCommerce, possibly with an addon plugin for multiple customizations would do what you need. If this site is new and in initial development, that might be an option. If the site is well established and working, changing over to WooCommerce is a big step and probably not desirable.

If you are committed to jigoshop, then your first decision is whether to do this as an "companion plugin" to jigoshop or as quick and dirty, direct modifications to the current jigoshop code. I would strongly suggest the first option. E-commerce plugins get a lot of updates, and any "quick and dirty" changes to the code will be wiped out with the next update.

Your offered prize may be adequate for a "quick and dirty" solution, but if you want something that will continue to work after an update, you'll want to develop this as an additional companion plugin. I've sent you message here about developing a plugin for this ([[LINK href=""]]check your messages here[[/LINK]]).

Eric P. comments:

One more question for you, <strong>@Nicole_Nia</strong>, are you using the free version of jigoshop from Or are you using the "Pro" version?

Eric P. comments:

One more thing, Jigoshop offers a companion plugin to do this (and more). It's called "[[LINK href=""]]Jigoshop product add ons[[/LINK]]" (click for a link to their site. It's a pay plugin, but it's ready to go out of the box.

Nicole_Nia comments:

Hi Eric. It is a newsish site yes but everything is at the point of working exactly as i want it. i have at the moment around 150 products on there. The main reason i think i would rather not change over shops is because we are in the process of doing local services and many things and i don't think i would have to time to be able to re-do everything.

for the ad-on, that is the one i mentioned in my question, i tried it out and although it does offer customers to type it doesn't allow me to set characters. If it did it would be perfect, Putting together the built in personalization option in jigoshop with that would be the perfect add-on.

SOrry i've only just seen your PM, i am going to respond now.

Eric P. comments:

Have you already purchased the Product Add-ons plugin? Or did you just test with it on Jigoshop's demo site? [[LINK href=""]]Check your messages again. [[/LINK]]