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Jcarousel Toggle and save preference WordPress


I have an issue where I need to have this carousel saving the users preference.
So when user clicks the bar to hide it - it will then remain hidden sitewide - currently it resets every page.

Cannot use jquery.cookie.js as it's not working and comes up as malicious attack on server.
Need a solution that works.


var visible = false

$("#bonuses-container #bonuses").slideDown("slow", function(){

$("#bonuses-container #bonuses .carousel").jcarousel({







visible = true;


function initCarousel(carousel){

$("#bonuses-container .bonuses-btn a").click(function(){




visible = !(visible);

$("#bonuses-container #bonuses").slideToggle("slow");

return false;




Answers (1)


Pippin Williamson answers:

You could do it really easily with a PHP SESSION. Let me know if this is an acceptable method and I will get you the code.

pandragon comments:

Hey Pippin yeah that would work :) It's wordpress site so pretty much everything is php

Pippin Williamson comments:

Start a PHP SESSION in your header.php like this:

//Start a session if one isn't already started

if (!isset($_SESSION['created'])) {
$_SESSION['created'] = time();
} else if (time() - $_SESSION['created'] > 1800 ) {
// session started more than 30 minutes ago
$_SESSION = array();
session_regenerate_id(true); // change session ID for the current session an invalidate old session ID
$_SESSION['created'] = time(); // update creation time

Then use an IF statement to determine whether the user has just visited the site or not:

if ( $_SESSION['views'] == 1 )
put your code here that activates the jquery

This will set up a session every time someone visits the site, then will reset the session after 30 minutes.

pandragon comments:

Ok then how does it work for bonus bar? To save the toggle etc. Sorry really novice lol

Pippin Williamson comments:

jQuery is not my strength, but you could set it up such that if ( $_SESSION['views'] == 1 ), set the bonus bar to "up", else set it to "down" as the default state.