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Javascript Conflict WordPress


I have a conflict of sorts on one page of a website. It's affecting the navigation.

It's the only page on the site that includes some 3rd party scripts, and it's the only page with navigation troubles.

- The navigation drop-down style is a little broken (check other pages for how it should look)
- The mobile nab doesn't work this page (resize to very small screen to see mobile navigation. check other pages for how it should look)

* Both the drop-downs and mobile nav works on all other pages of the site. So you can see how they're both supposed to work on all the other pages of the site.

You can see the problem page here, and it's the primary navigation at the top right of page.

** This is urgent ***

Answers (1)


Milan Petrovic answers:

PrettyPhoto is not a function. PrettyPhoto script is needed, but it is not loaded. That stops jQuery from running and breaks everything else using jQuery after PrettyPhoto fails.

Find which plugin is working with PrettyPhoto and check why is not loading. If it is added without plugin, you need to add loading for it manually.