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JQuery conflict between plugin and theme WordPress



Location: this website: [[LINK href=""]]Here Come the Sixers[[/LINK]]

Issue: the audio player on the right sidebar plays in IE, but not in Firefox (PC).

The author of the plugin HTML5 JQuery Audio Player wrote back saying there is most certainly a conflict between my theme (iFeaturePro 4 from [[LINK href=""]]CyberChimps[[/LINK]]) and his plugin.

Here is his reply on WordPress support forum: [[LINK href=""]]HERE[[/LINK]].

I read miles of Google posts and WP forums for 4 days and can't find an answer. I modified code and installed plugins (Use Google JQuery CDN), deactivated plugins, changed theme, but no joy.

Anyone has an answer for me?


Andre Lefebvre
[[LINK href=""]]Creative Forge[[/LINK]]

Answers (1)


Manoj Raj answers:

Hi styzer,

The music player you are using is playing .ogg file format which is treated as html by firefox i doubt...

Add the following to your .htaccess file

AddType audio/ogg oga ogg

I hope it will fix it...


Manoj Raj comments:

More information here

styzer comments:


I added the suggested comment into the htaccess file, within the WordPress tags, saved, uploaded and voila, it's working!

I will be back! :O)

Thank you Manoj Raj!



styzer comments:

Actually, it's not working as I would hope.

When I open the page in IE8, it's all messed up, and the player isn't working now in IE, and only part of the IDEtags show, and the sound is garbled, slow and distorting.

Sorry, I was so happy but although the file is playing in FF, it's distorted, and the site is broken in IE8. So it's not solved for me.