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Issues with dropdown menu in ie7 WordPress


I'm having some issues with my dropdown menus in Explorer 7. Actually I'm having issues in 6 as well but after reading some of the posts on the matter have decided not to support IE 6.

In IE7 the dropdowns don't disappear after the mouse rolls off a child menu. If the user rolls the mouse up, over the parent menu, no problem.

I've used this theme with other sites without a problem but I have done some modifications to the size of the menu which may have something to do with it.

My site is

Any thoughts?

Answers (3)


Peter Michael answers:

The problem is with the slider below, probably the z-index or something. When you hover out off the menu items at the top instead in the slider area, they disappear as expected.

darryl crosby comments:

Thanks Mike,

I noticed that behavior. I disabled all my plugins including Smooth Slider which created the slide show but no luck. I have the same problem on pages without the slider. i may have to create a new nav bar or break it down to a point where it works and add elements from there. The site is built from Branford Magazine theme.

Peter Michael comments:


yes, you can try by removing all and then adding one-by-one to see where the issue comes from. I would suggest changing the menu, maybe use [[LINK href=""]]Superfish[[/LINK]]

Note, you have included jQuery twice: leave the one in the header, but you should remove the one further down, probably copied from Mailchimp (

Good luck, Pete

darryl crosby comments:

I went ahead and added the Superfish menu. It works fine with just the CSS, just needs styling. I will try to get the js working tomorrow. One question: Should I just add in the SuperFish js files to my js folder or is it necessary to remove the old files that were used by the previous menu. Can jquery-1.2.6.min.js replace version 1.2.3?


Peter Michael comments:

You should only include JS files which are needed on your site. You should also make use of [[LINK href=""]]wp_enqueue_script[[/LINK]] and [[LINK href=""]]wp_enqueue_style[[/LINK]] and assign any dependencies.

As an example, to load the superfish JS and also make sure jQuery is loaded before, you would use:

wp_enqueue_script( 'js-superfish', 'path/to/superfish.js', array('jquery'), '1.4.8' );



RNWest answers:


For IE7 try adding position: static; to ether #nav or #nav, #nav ul in your nav.css

sorry do not do IE6


darryl crosby comments:

No luck there ;-(

RNWest comments:


One more try :-) add position: static; to #nav a, #nva a:hover about line 29 in your nav.css


darryl crosby comments:

Still no luck. I don't know what that tag does but I thought I'd move try it on some other nav rules. Turns out I have a bigger issue than I thought. The menu is not dropping down the second level child pages. The "Resources" menu item should have "Sales Reps" item under "For Resellers"



MDan answers:

just an ideea...if you use any caching plugins on your website try to disable those and see how that works,or if you have wp-minify plugin , also disable it

hope this will work for you