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Integrating Comments WordPress

Using a variety of plugins and tools with my wordpress blog, I am in a confused comments state.
Blog postings are syndicated to Facebook via Networked blogs. From there they go to my facebook fan page.

The blog itself is using a couple of plugins - facebook comments and facebook comments notifier.

End result is that comments are not integrated. Some are only on the facebook fan page, others are in the native blog comments format and any new comments on old posts are flaky on whether I am notified or not.
Blog is at

I would like to find someone to work through this with.

Recommendations on better plugins / tools to integrate comments,
ways to keep old comments if there is a tool change,
best process to do this are some ideas that I am interested in...

Price to correct my comment confused state - TBD.

Answers (2)


Sabby Sam answers:

Hi, I would like to work with you , Could you please pm me the personal message. I will help you to give better comment system plugin as well and guidance as well.
Thank you


Espreson Media answers:

PM back to get your problem solved..