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Integrate LESS Sass to my Wordpress plugin WordPress


I need a developer to do the following work.
I need to integrate sass/scss stylesheets for my dynamically generated options values from a wordpress options framework plugin. It's just simple you just need to create a dynamically generated css from the options framework options using SCSS. Will give more details to the responding coder.

Answers (2)


Luis Abarca answers:

I can help you.


John Cotton answers:

It's a relatively easy thing to do.

There are several open-source PHP SCSS compilers out there (like this one

It would just be a question of hooking into the update of the options, creating the new SCSS (I'm assuming that's what the options update) and compiling it to a known location.

I did exactly that (albeit using the WP theme customizer) a while back for a client and it worked very well.

plusnine comments:

Yes, I know about but for some reason it is not working for me and I have no time to research it deep. If you can help me, I will pay you for your hours. Please let me know.

John Cotton comments:

Are you building a theme or a plugin?

plusnine comments:

It's a plugin.