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Integrate IDX to my search tab WordPress


I need to integrate my IDX feed with the native “search properties” that comes with the theme. I still want the featured properties to show on the front page, I just want all IDX feed properties to show when users search the “search properties” tab..

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AdamGold answers:

Raise your prize and I will do it for you.
In short, you will need to register a new widgets sidebar in your functions.php:

'name' => 'IDX',
'description' => 'Widgets in this area will be shown in the search properties.',
'before_title' => '',
'after_title' => ''

And then call it in your search properties:


(And of course, move the IDX widget into the new sidebar in your admin control panel)

investor foreclose comments:

Hello Adam,

I have just raised prize money. Just to clarify, the current theme has a native "search properties" tool bar that is blue on the website. I want the idx feed to be integrated to this tool bar. Let me know if you can still help.


AdamGold comments:

Please email me with your FTP details and I will gladly help you. It's hard to help when I can't see the code of the theme.

If you aren't interested in giving your FTP details, post / attach here your functions.php, and the code of the search properties.