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Integrate A Contact Form With Netsuite WordPress


I need to create a form that:

1) Integrates with Netsuite (i.e. - the data it collects will be sent and stored in the Netsuite account) and has the following fields:
First, Last Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Company Name
City and/or State/Zip
# of Employees (as applicable)

Check out this link for creating an online form template -

2) If a visitor chooses "Support" and email will be send to a recipient. If "Sales" is chosen, the information is passed to Netsuite.

3) Works with Wordpress

I purchased Gravity Forms and thought it would be flexible enough and it might be but I just don't have the knowledge to make it work. Using gravity forms is ideal, but NOT necessary. Please help. Thanks in advance!

Answers (3)


Utkarsh Kukreti answers:

Working on this.


Denzel Chia answers:


Taken a look at your link.

Netsuite online form template are for using on sites hosted on Netsuite only. The tag <NLFORM> and all other tags are not HTML tags, they are tags that will only be interpreted by their server side program. There is no example on off-site form, or any API that allows posting of off-site form data into Netsuite.

Netsuite does not even list a CGI or PHP file for off site forms to post form data.

For example, the tag <NLFORM> is suppose to be interpreted by Netsuite server and print out the HTML form tag with information such as the action and method. Action means the url that the form is suppose to send data to. Off site forms on your WordPress blog will not be able to interpret this <NLFORM> tag to get the information it needs.


It is not possible to create a form on your WordPress and post data to Netsuite, because there is no API for this, and Netsuite only accepts data from it own hosted online form.
The hosted online forms url are in https which needs SSL, and default WordPress install is not in SSL. even if there is a Netsuite API for forms, you will still need to setup SSL on your WordPress which may need re-installation.



enodekciw answers:

1 method: creating some template with normal form and submit it to some php script which will create netsuite form and save it as html, for example. then, someone should submit those forms manually or with the help of cronjobs (don't know if thats possible, just my thoughts).

2 method:

Just some thoughts. Don't know if that can be done, cause i never dealt with netsuite and still don't have time to do that now.