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Importing Sql database using myphpadmin at 1& WordPress


I have never seen this problem before.

I have installed a fresh version of Wordpress for my client and I want to import the original database with all her posts and pages, however....

When I drop the new tables and use the import function to upload the old ones I get an error message that says "No SQL query". I am uploading the .sql file uncompressed.

My myphpadmin knowledge is very limited, I can carry out simple tasks such as imports, adding users etc. But when I run into problems I am stuck

Thanks for any help or advice you can give me


Answers (4)


Rashad Aliyev answers:

Please contact with me..
<em><strong>Mission Completed ;)</strong></em>


Harris Gordon answers:

Open the sql file in a notepad and see if there is any sql query inside that.

You can also execute queries one by one if problem still exists and sql query is present in the file.

In case you face problem, I can do that for you.



Oleg Butuzov answers:

answer deleted.

topic starter not suppoosed to resolve issue in wpquestions appropriate way. Rashad he is yours.


Ashfame answers:

Is your database size too large that it is somehow limited by the file size limit set by your webhost or somehow the timeout occurs?

For the former, you need to ask your webhost and for the later you can increase that.

Alternatively you can try breaking down the large file into smaller files and then importing them one by one.

If you have root access to MySQL and shell access, then you can import the db (large dbs) easily with a single command.