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Implement shortcode plugin into functions.php WordPress


I recently customized a shortcode plugin (seen here: Currently it exists as a plugin, but I would like to have it integrated into my functions file. May end up integrating this into a theme later on, so I would like to prevent having to install another plugin.

Most of the code is ready for implementation, just a few paths and functions that need to be changed to make sure it will work in a functions.php file.

My modified version of this plugin can be found here:

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask!


Answers (1)


Kailey Lampert answers:

I'm just cleaning up some code - but I'm pretty sure I have a solution for you. If you'd like to PM me your email address I can send you the zip file in just a bit.

Mike McAlister comments:

Hi Kailey,
You can reach me at m [at] Thanks for your quick response!


Kailey Lampert comments:

Email sent. Let me know my mods give you any trouble.

Mike McAlister comments:

Yup, absolutely perfect. Just increased the prize a bit and voted. Thanks so much for your help, on the weekend nonetheless!