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Images imported, wordpress not reading them. WordPress



My site:

All the images are on the server in the correct locations on the wordpress uploads directory.
But WP isn't finding them in the Media Library. Does anyone know how I might be able to correct this without re uploading them all!?

I've attached images showing files on ftp and lack of files in WP Media Library!

Answers (4)


AdamGold answers:

Hi Steven. The media library can't recognize anything that hasn't been uploaded via the WP's uploader.

Anyway, in order to get your images to work I suggest you give this plugin a try:

Steven Ellis comments:

trying this out. thanks. will return when complete! lots of images!! :)


Peter Michael answers:

How did you 'import' the images?


Joe Jenkins answers:

When you imported, did you select the check box to include images?


Nilesh shiragave answers:

Problem solved?