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Ideas for a WordPress plugin WordPress


Hi questioners & answerers :) This question is for all of you guys.

I need a neat idea for a WordPress plugin. Something that hasn't been done yet (or has, but not good enough), something <strong>awesome</strong>.
So the requirements are:
* Something very neat & awesome
* Something that hasn't been built yet
* <strong>Something that appeals to any kind of customer, not just for your own site</strong>

The winner will get his suggested plugin in addition to the prize here.


Answers (5)


Vidyut Kale answers:

Full project, big time - Category plugin:

1. Use wordpress hooks to insert image and formatted descriptions rather than require people to edit their themes.
2. Inserts thumbnails of sub-categories on category archives on top of the posts lists.
3. Adds configurable meta descriptions
4. Works for all taxonomies.
5. Searches for term in multiple categories/taxonomies and excludes categories as needed - possibly a cloud format.

Guaranteed to go viral - this is a whole blackhole of configurability for WP, existing plugins do some of this separately. If you like the idea, I'm full of more features.

AdamGold comments:

What more ideas? Spill them out. (If you don't like to post them here, shoot me an email)

I am checking this idea right now and will let you know.


Vidyut Kale comments:

6. Make the search a page/widget with drag and drop of tags into include and exclude boxes and live updating results for page.
7. Might as well add related posts functionality
8. slideshow of pics attached to that category on archive page? Might be too much.
9. if you add custom post types and taxonomies support... - one stop shop kind of thing for taxonomies.
10. experiment with some graphical way of tag surfing like image swirl? - an idea...

AdamGold comments:

Sorry didn't understand anything? Is each related to each other?

AdamGold comments:

By the way, I need <strong>useful ideas</strong>. Something that anyone would use.


Christianto answers:

<blockquote>By the way, I need useful ideas. <strong>Something that anyone would use.</strong></blockquote>

Email marketing like [[LINK href=""]]mailChimp[[/LINK]], that has customizable template(this can be premium features). And can be sent to unlimited address($ added). This can be good since you can add at the bottom of each email your(dev) donation link, adsense ads, your site link, your own sexy pictures LOL

And send it to million wordpress user that would be great..

Christianto comments:

But don't spam...

AdamGold comments:

I don't think many WP users like the whole email thing, I think they rather do it from the dashboard; But thanks :)

AdamGold comments:

Oh, sorry I think I misunderstood your idea. You mean like sending mail to anyone you want in the dashboard? Can you explain why this is efficient?

Christianto comments:

Email marketing, most user want a personal/business email with their own branding, template, logo, etc. Each email content can be your offer, promotion, tutorial , notification or just regular post updates.

there are many of this service, some are free other need $ for xxxx email address.

If you can developed a plugin for this and incorporated on wordpress thats means when they create post and publish it, by the same time they can email the post content to registerd user...change email template (to suit special event like xmas, promotion week). Or create an email with help of wp editor without publishing them to blog.

I don't know if there is similar plugin but when I develop wp theme sometime client asking to incorporate their paid email template on wp.

This plugin if well developed(not become spam tools), would be useful for all user, even corporate/business one. The key point is brand-able email easy to upload/incorporated/change template, and contain good API so theme developer/web designer can easily develop the template.

Good luck

AdamGold comments:

I like the idea, can you explain how front-end will look like,how will I prevent spam? And what do you mean by "by the same time they can email the post content to registerd user...change email template (to suit special event like xmas, promotion week). Or create an email with help of wp editor without publishing them to blog."


Christianto comments:

I re-read your question, did you mean this plugin will useful for all user that visit your site? not only for site administrator.
Or you mean that this plugin will be useful for all kind of user from any kind of field, not just me for example in web design?
* Something that appeals to any kind of customer, not just for your own site

Well, my idea is specific on site administrator not regular visitor so only backend... But if you manage to create front-editor that means your regular visitor can send email marketing too..
Nice idea Adam ;-)

If you decided to make plugin not only for site admin but also regular visitor, the spam can be prevented by making the form only visible to register user and setting up captcha.

<blockquote>'by the same time they can email the post content to registerd user...change email template (to suit special event like xmas, promotion week). Or create an email with help of wp editor without publishing them to blog.'</blockquote>
what I mean with with above statement is when you write a post and publish it, you can send the post by mail to registered user either by adding metabox on your post editor or providing button on your tinyMCE editor, and it provide option to change the appearance of email. Or provide own editor (not rely on post editor) so we can send email without create/publish post.

AdamGold comments:

Yes Christianto, I meant the back-end :)
How will the admin decide the template? How will he choose the users he wants to send the email too? And what is effective here, the users will get the new post by email?

I just want to be sure.


Christianto comments:

I feel like dejavu or something, did this question already expired?
When I try to answer it expired.. but now is turn back to open x-(

Back to question,
Adam, it may look dumb since I'm not plugin dev..
Admin can decide the template from drop down option, options itself comes from function that taken the name of any template folder that reside on 'template' folder in this plugin directory - for example if there are x-mas, summer, new-year folder on 'template' directory this will result in x-mas, summer, new-year on drop down option.
Each template folder itself contain the files needed to create appearance of email.

How will we choose users? by grouping user and show it as option, this a bit challenging since you have to create group of registered user and user that subscribe your newsletter, and more difficult if the site isn't specific niche. So each user should get email on correct topic by on their group. It required integration between front-end and back-end not to mention user database management.

How effective marketing email on self hosted wp? is depend on what site and purpose of site.
Its just my personal opinion, if you just create wp site to update your status like on facebook so everybody know what you are doing, I doubt this plugin would be more useful than just email them with your mobile phone, styling your mail doesn't makes different since the person receiving it could be your close friends, mom/dad.
But if the site purpose is for portfolio letting the world know your artwork, share it, collaborate with other. A brand-able email/newsletter seems to be nice, moreover we create it on our own site, with our own design, and take full control of it on Wordpress environment.

Hope this help Adam

AdamGold comments:

Yes, I extended the question by a day :) Anyway, very cool idea, will keep that in mind but I have no clue with creating email templates and so, so I don't think I am capable of doing such a thing. Thanks anyway!


shawn answers:

I've asked numerous people about this concept but have yet to find anyone with the time to do the project.

Live ajax sorting via multiple widgets utilizing custom taxonomy terms

simply choose any options on the left side widgets and notice the content automatically refreshes without the page reloading. There are numerous sites utilizing this concept such as hulu, comcast, etc.

Scribu has built a great widget as a starting point that will allow sorting via taxonomies, but at this point it only sorts via a single taxonomy term and does not live update.

This concept could be used for virtually any type of post-type data.

AdamGold comments:

I really like the idea, but can you explain more? I mean, how will the back-end look? How should I let the users do that..?


AdamGold comments:

Shawn, guess you didn't notice but I really like your idea and would love to get more details.


Jarret Minkler answers:

How about posting from email that checks for a keyword, or password in the body before it posts.

Most people don't use this feature because it will post spam/other email

AdamGold comments:

Sorry, didn't quite understand your idea.

Jarret Minkler comments:

Most people don't use the post from email because the email address will fill with other emails, and WP will post anything in there. Instead if it checked each email's body for a password or keyword, it could then only post the emails you send it that are intended to be posted in that email account.


S├ębastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

a plugin adding editor visual for category's description
with an upload (upload media of wp) for a category-icon