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I need the “|” in the header before the slogan deleted. WordPress



For the website you will see that in the header there is a “|” before the class="site-slogan”. This character is programed in either a php file or somewhere else. The theme im using uses some pre-compiler i do not know how to use (.twig and .scss) therefore i can’t find where the “|” is hardcoded to.

Please i need help deleting the thing.

I don’t care how it happens, it can be some sort of js query to look for “|" and add a custom id so that i can hide it with css or if you can actually find the file where the thing is located and delete the function.

I can sen you the the theme file if you needed, just ask.

here is a screenshot of what im talking about.

a close up

Answers (2)


timDesain Nanang answers:

remove this code:
border-left: 2px solid #f0f0f0;
from: /themes/realia/assets/css/realia-brown-dark.css
line: 1093

or add following code on theme's custom style
#header-wrapper #header #header-inner .navbar .navbar-inner .site-slogan span{border-left: none !important;}

dipka comments:

Nanang you got it!

deleting border-left: 2px solid #f0f0f0; from the css file worked like a charm.


Balanean Corneliu answers:

Go to open the file and at line 1093 remove this line : border-left-style-value: solid;