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I need someone to fix my hacked website WordPress


Hey there,

My website was recently hacked. It contains some pretty bad malware on it and it doesn't matter how many times I replace the site with its backup and change the passwords, the hack stays there and even seems to get worse. I need some help quick please!!

Please PM me for ftp details.

Answers (4)


Michael Caputo answers:

I can help


Romel Apuya answers:

I can work on this.. will send PM


Plugarized answers:

I have some experience in cleaning WordPress hacked sites, mine got malware a couple of times lol, Icould take a look. PM me


Pau answers:

Just checked and seems clean now. All you need to do now is upgrade your wordpress to latest version as it's detected that you're using outdated version of wordpress and then go to google webmaster tools and apply for malware site re-check so being blacklisted will be lifted.