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I need an import script for TextPattern WordPress


I've been asked to convert a site from TextPattern to WordPress ([[LINK href=""]]TextPattern is mostly dead[[/LINK]]). I tried to import the database using the built-in import script that WordPress makes available. Categories and images did not import correctly. I'm curious if anyone else has ever imported TextPattern to WordPress? How did you handle it? Are there any plugins out there that handle this? Custom scripts?

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Max answers:

There are not relevant resources at this time on the web. Before writing your own script, you could try a little time travel :)

Download Wordpress 2.1 from here:
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

and then follow the instructions here:
[[LINK href=" "]] [[/LINK]]

Then gradually upgrade Wordpress and see what happen.

If you have troubles, you could try to downgrade Textpattern to the version used in that article (4.0.4). Some info here:
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Backup your data first ;)


Dan Davies answers:

I've not seen any third party scripts for quite some time now.

This guide use to be pretty good: - but because of the changes to WordPress, it may not be hugely relevant anymore.


Ron Rennick answers:

I'm fairly sure the trip with importing from TextPattern is to create the Authors & categories in WordPress before you import. I haven't done it since WP 2.6, so this answer may be a bit out of date as well.


Dan Davies answers:

Really nice out-of-the-box idea, Max :)