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I need a review/rating plugin with Google Auth (or similar) WordPress

I'm working on a site where I need ratings for products that are custom post types. I want a user front-end rating system that people can specify their star rating based on criteria, and I need the reviews to be verified by either Google or Facebook authorization. Is this possible? I can't find it out there anywhere.

I'm just setting this to a buck to get any ideas. If you can do this on WordPress 4.x and want to bid, go for it.

Answers (2)


Kyle answers:

In the past I had a project that needed star ratings, but really hated all the WP plugins so made a system with the Gravity Forms Survey Add-on then as far as Google/Facebook you can incorporate any number of the oAuth plugins and require the user to be logged in to submit. PM me if you're interested in something like this.


John Cotton answers:

So you don't want them logged into your site necessarily, just authenticated with Facebook?

I don't know of a plugin that does that, but it would be simple enough to build one. Make use of one of the several good jQuery rating plugins, connect that to FB authentication in JS, post the whole lot back via ajax and save however you need to.

I'll PM you a price if you're interested.