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IE Compatibility Issues WordPress



I'm working on a site with a custom theme designed by a developer we worked with a couple of years ago. After making some changes last week (adding picture sliders to home page, inserting a new header, and just adding new content), the site looks messed up in IE8.

I have tried the suggestions from this post:

And inserted the specified code in my header file. I waited an hour, no change. I deactivated all my plugins, one at a time, no change. I updated all plugins, no change. I updated WordPress, no change. I'm at my wits end--any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answers (2)


John Cotton answers:

Part of your problem is the double quotes on line 53 of the CSS file (

Fix that and things begin to come back...

Also the space before visited on line 160...


Christianto answers:

Hi Anne,

I think you are running IE on compatibility view, On IE 8 standard view its ok..

Christianto comments:

Sorry, ignore my comment..
I just realize that you want to fix your IE 8 problem in <strong>compatibility view</strong>. :D