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IE 6 issue WordPress


Having some trouble with IE6 displaying the top header here: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Displays correctly in all other browsers but IE6 is adding it all the way over to the right.

Any ideas?

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Lew Ayotte answers:

The top header looks about the same for me in IE6 (using IETester)... can you take a screen shot to explain what exactly is happening?

You have some transparency issues too (use this to fix: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]])

BTW, IE6 makes up [[LINK href=""]]less than 10% of the market share[[/LINK]] - it might not be worth developing for it (unless you're required to for some reason).

Konrad, the URL is [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] (I checked the page source to get it).



Konrad Karpieszuk answers:

hi, you skipped link (or maybe this site cutted it off, in this case try to show it in other way, replace http with something, dots with comas...)


Erez S answers:

Here is few articles about ie6 bugs. I think you'll find the solution there:


WP Answers answers:

Hey man, IE6 is nearly dead. Save yourself the headache and stop supporting it.

I stopped supporting it for the last 2 sites I've built and my life is so much beter because of it ;)

I use this now:


WP Security answers:

Here are some simple solutions for IE6:



My favorite and what we use on our sites:



If you need some justfication for why it's time to move on, take at look at these browser usage stats,

IE6 usage is now under 9% and falling monthly, but I suggest you also check the site's stats to see just how many IE6 users are stopping by.

Good luck,



Jesse Perez answers:

<strong>position: relative;</strong>
or if all else fails you can always use:
<strong>.class {
width:200px; /* All browsers */
*width:250px; /* IE */
_width:300px; /* IE6 */
.width:200px; /* IE7 */


Merne Asplund answers:

While you may not need to support IE6 any longer, its always a good idea to let your work degrade gracefully. I would use relative positioning for IE6 only, because I understand you want that background image to scale with window resize. This means in IE6 that image will be bumped down about the height of the header.

Merne Asplund comments:

I also cannot duplicate your issue in IE6.

Looks like you have 215px of left margin on a ul class "menu". Is IE6 doubling this? Maybe upload a screenshot of your issue?