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IE6 CSS fixes WordPress


urgh. client project needs to work perfectly on ie6. in a hurry, and not had to optimise for ie6 before so don't have time to read up.

I need someone to fix some fairly major layout issues mainly to do with sidebars asap. [[LINK href=""]]site is here[[/LINK]]. Looks fine in other browsers, but IE6 is not liking it one bit.

Can anyone give me the css fixes which won't mess up my layouts in other browsers please (ideally a new style.css file I can just paste over the old)?

thanks in advance

Answers (1)


Andrzej answers:

A LOT of stuff requires fixing here; not only IE6 has issues. This requires about $90-$100.

Dave Smith comments:

happy to up the fee if that's what's needed. how quickly could you do it?

Andrzej comments:

I can fix it for friday evening for $100, but I can't have other competitors running after me. Just sent you a PM with direct contact details pls check out.