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How to get tow comment boxes side-by-side WordPress



I followed the instructions from another post( to create two separate comment threads on a single post.

Here is my problem: In the current theme (wpthoughts) I can't get the comment boxes to appear flush with one another horizontally.

If you visit, I would like the left comment box and the right comment box to be at th exact same "longitude" on the screen.


Answers (1)


Shoeb mirza answers:


I've take a look very deeply in your website and I noticed that your posts/pages are fetching (comment) content from the template content.php. When I open it, I found the below two codes.

<?php add_filter( 'comments_array', 'wpq_show_only_normal_comments' ); comments_template( 'comments-normal.php', true ); remove_filter( 'comments_array', 'wpq_show_only_normal_comments' ); ?>

<?php add_action( 'comment_form', 'wpq_hidden_input_field_to_set_extra_comment_content_type' ); add_filter( 'comments_array', 'wpq_show_only_extra_comments' ); add_filter( 'comment_form_defaults', 'wpq_change_comment_form_defaults' ); comments_template( 'comments-extra.php', true );remove_filter( 'comments_array', 'wpq_show_only_extra_comments' ); remove_filter( 'comment_form_defaults', 'wpq_change_comment_form_defaults' );

I then give proper html/css classes to both. It then worked like a charm!