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How to get more than one post or page parent ? WordPress


Would like to be able to add more than one parent per child through the attributes box for genealogy purpose.

Answers (6)


MagoryNET answers:

The best way would be probably to use custom fields. Define custom field - parent - and you can add several such fields to a page. You just have to make use of this custom fields in your template. I could specify how to do it if this way is OK for you.

Julien BECHADE comments:

Thanks but I really need the post parent-child relationship because when you go through your posts in the admin interface you can easily view the relation thanks to the indentation...


Utkarsh Kukreti answers:

How do you want to show them on the front page? You can use custom fields to save post id's.

Julien BECHADE comments:

Not only in the front page but in the category pages as well. I did try with custom fields but I really need the indentation when you go through your posts in the admin interface.


Baki Goxhaj answers:

You cannot do it strictly with WordPress, but custom fields would be a nice workaround. You can build a custom fields system that will list all your page (with check-boxes) where you can check two parents. Or better, have to instances of that where you can pick which is the mother and which is the father.

If you are not able to do that, I'm ready to implement that for you.

Julien BECHADE comments:

I found the method with custom fields [[LINK href=""]]here[[/LINK]] and I worked around a solution but still it doesn't give me what I really want: the indentation of posts in the admin interface.

It seems the one & only solution is to work around the database and I don't know how to do this...

But you said it all

<blockquote>You cannot do it strictly with WordPress...</blockquote>

Too bad.


Valentinas Bakaitis answers:

Even if you could assign two parents, i see now way how you could display that as a list in wordpress admin UI. I would use meta and then build my own interface. I don't think it would be easy with HTML/CSS/JS, but if you use HTML5+canvas, then it could be something really cool.

Julien BECHADE comments:

It could be but I'm not a wordpress expert & I've just started to look into canvas so it could be really hard & time consuming as well.

Valentinas Bakaitis comments:

The meta stuff and whole wordpress part is pretty simple deal, I'm sure a good WordPress professional could do that in 1 day, in fact you already have that part from, so you only need canvas part. If you are not very comfortable with canvas you could probably hire someone to develop you the UI. I don't know much about canvas development, but i guess it shouldn't take very long for someone who is good at it to create a simple tree.

Julien BECHADE comments:

I was just wondering posting this question if someone had the same problem and could fix it with a few work but you're probably right I should hire someone.
Thanks for your answer.


Nilesh shiragave answers:

You can check this plugin

Julien BECHADE comments:

Nice plugin but you can't have more than one parent per child...


Eddie Moya answers:

Looks like this really needs to be a custom plugin with a special page to display things as you want. The there is no clear way to have a multi-parent relationship with a single page.

I would suggest using custom fields. Then in a special backend page, you can create the interface however you like based on the information contained in those custom fields.

Sounds like a bit of work involved - aside from hacking the hell out of wordpress core, I dont see a way to get around this and get the result you want.

As an aside - it is possible there might be some crazy way of hacking up the admin interface with javascript and css to modify the interface after its rendered. But I am not sure how for along that would get you to your goal. I honestly havent investigated if its really doable, just opening up a suggestion for you.

Julien BECHADE comments:

<blockquote>Looks like this really needs to be a custom plugin with a special page to display things as you want</blockquote>

Looks like it & it will cost a lot more than 30$ !

I did use custom fields in the first place so I gonna stay with it now. Just wanted to know if someone had a different solution.

But I think it's an interesting problem to solve...
Be able to assign more than one parent per child in the Wordpress database could open a lot of possibilities, perhaps I'll start to work on it later.

Thanks for your answer.

Eddie Moya comments:

Well using those custom fields for now is a great start. That way all you really need is backend page that displays them the way you want, and thats all. It greatly reduces the complexity if all the plugin does is provide a custom display of pages.

If your interested in getting that done feel free to contact me through my profile here on WPQ. I'm sure we could agree on a fair price.

Julien BECHADE comments:

Thanks for the offer Eddie but considering the fact I already have a working solution to display informations the way I want (family tree), my client will have to agree with that...

Will come to you if he wants to pay extra for the backend page.