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How to create two handling fees in Woocommerce WordPress

We are developing a store for a non-profit client and they have requested we have two handling fees + UPS shipping costs. The handling fees would be set up where, if the customer purchases single items (i.e. a shirt, a jacket) they only pay $3.00. Any orders with multiple items would have a $6.00 handling fee. Both of these types of purchases would be subject to UPS shipping fees.

Is there a way to set this up in Woocommerce? If there is I have yet to figure it out or find the right information about it.

Answers (1)


Yakir Sitbon answers:

If I understand you right, you need dynamic fees for your cart.
From where you get the fee? Are you need send request to UPS for this?

If you know the rules, you can use with weight's product for the fee. But please tell me more about your problem.