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How to change multisite settings to ""? WordPress


I recently launched a multisite Wordpress site. By default, I believe the Wordpress install sets the url to "". I've never run into an issue with this type of setup.

However, the client needs the site to be setup as "", as the current "" redirects to their mail server internally, so they can not access the website.

What's the best way to resolve this issue?


Answers (6)


Andrzej answers:

edit your wp-config.php and insert this line:


Michael Brumm comments:

Before doing so, how will this affect the entire site?

I assume I will need to update all instances of "" within the site to "" in the database. Is that the case? If so, what's the best way of completing this?

Also, how will this affect the subsites? I'm assuming they will just change from
<strong></strong> to <strong></strong>

Any other issues I should be aware of?

Andrzej comments:

This will change WP options defined URL, so will affect all auto-generated permalinks, like menu items or widgets links.

However, if you have hard-coded non-www paths inside your posts, these will need to be changed as well.

I usually do it like this: I export the database by phpMyAdmin to a text file, and (keeping a backup), find and replace all occurances of to - worked quite good for me most of the time.

In case something falls, its mostly always a matter of wp_options table, so if it does, do same thing but don't include wp_options table in your imports.


Gabriel Reguly answers:


For multi-sites you will find the settings at Super Admin -> Domains

Just add a new entry, with the same Site ID as your entry.

Don't forget to make it primary.

Then later you can remove the entry, or at least remove the primary check from it.

Hope it helps you.

Michael Brumm comments:

I don't "Domains" as an option under the Super Admin screen.

I've included a screensnap of the extended Super Admin panel and the closest thing to a domain list with primary site dropdown (Dashboard -> My Sites). Is this what you meant?

BTW, I'm running Wordpress 3.0.5.