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How to add hyperlinks to cform II fields. WordPress


I would like the emailed form (to the admin) to contain a link back to the page the form was sent from.

I've tried {Permalink} and {Page} in a hidden field, however some email clients don't automatically make this a link/clickable.

I also tried
<a href="{Permalink}>Click Here</a>

That does create a link, but it doesn't go anywhere.

Suggestions on how to accomplish this.


Answers (1)


timDesain Nanang answers:

try this:

<strong>put the code</strong> in the "Admin TEXT message (Header)"

for text format email
Submitted on: {Date}
Time : {Time}
via IP : {IP}

Custom Message
Name: {Your Name}
Email: {Email}
Page: {Page}
Message: {Message}

for html format email
<br />Submitted on: <stong>{Date}</stong>
<br />Time : {Time}
<br />via IP : {IP}

<h3>Custom Message</h3>
<br />Name: {Your Name}
<br />Email: {Email}
<br />Page:
<p style="font-weight:bold;font-size: 16px;"><a href="{Page}" />{Page}</a></p>
<br />
<br />Message:

<strong>untick the checkbox</strong> "Include user input at the bottom of the admin email" (Footer)
since we have create the custom message

<blockquote>Subjects and messages for emails both to the form admin as well as to the visitor (auto confirmation, CC:) support insertion of pre-defined variables and/or any of the form input fields.

kld53 comments:

That works. Thanks!