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How much for customizing a theme for WooCommerce plugin WordPress



I would like to know how much would it cost to customize the Stirling theme (from True Themes), so it works with WooCommerce plugin, as well as developping a seach page allowing advanced search with 2 or 3 categories.



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Jatin Soni answers:

It is depending on overall work. Usually as per your requirement it could cost you approximately between $280 to $400 this is rough idea. Actual cost is hard to say. It can be less or more app on the complexity of modifying the them which only will able to understand when you can post exact detials.

cbdallaire comments:

The theme shows correctly the usual pages as "my orders", "my accounts", but when I add a page that is supposed to show the items regarding one category, then the theme doesnt show anything right (even the original template is strange). Would be then to make a page template that shows items correctly.

For the advanced search, would be to first search throught category 1 (witch has 2 levels) and then, throught category 2 (only 1 level). So the person can search Shoes (1) for woman (2).

cbdallaire comments:

Forgot to specify. 2 pages template for the items : One that shows the items as listed (like portfolio of all items of selected category), one that shows the item itself (picture, text, description, reviews).

Jatin Soni comments:

It could be the reason that template tags are not properly implemented or may be some styling issue could be there. Need to check your site to know better. Please provide url if possible.

For advance search you can use default search by category option mostly it works. Which will make all list of category, sub category section.

cbdallaire comments:

Sorry for late answering, I left for few days.

So here is the URL :
The theme used is Karma, I haven't bought Stirling yet, but True Theme told me that it would need to be customized too.

The page <em>Cat├ęgorie </em>is supposed to show all products categorized. The page <em>Villeray</em>, the products that are tagged with this name.

The problems are
1) Niether Cat├ęgorie nor Villeray show product (page if fucked up)
2) If I search for "sofa", and click on the item found, the page doesn't show the item description either.