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How do I upload many photos at once into a wordpress category? WordPress



I have over 100 photos for different annual categories - 2009, 2010, 2011 etc?

What plugin can I use or how can I upload them so that they are differentiated by the category when I want to use them in an album?

At the moment, when I upload they are all dumped into the Media Library and then I have to find a way to go back and bulk assign the a category individually?


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Doug Montgomery answers:

Use this pluging....
I use it quite often

It's update regularly and does exactly what you are after.

zoomlanski comments:

I'm using it but it doesn't have the ability to upload into the category. Only reassign after upload.

Doug Montgomery comments:

Ya...Categories, as I know, them are for posts. I believe you can 'bulk edit' the images though and add them many to one 'image' category all at once.

Doug Montgomery comments:

... and add them many to ....

...add many to one category...

Doug Montgomery comments:


The default setting in WP is to upload into a 'yearly' folder, unless you've changed it.

zoomlanski comments:

Morning Doug:
Not sure if the question is answered for this specific plugin. I'll still stick with MLA if you think it is the best.

I have the WP Media Settings >> Uploading files to month/year folders turned off.
But is there a way to upload all into that specific category or only reassign after upload? yes/no

Doug Montgomery comments:

Unless there is a plugin that I don't know about that creates categories for the media library then MLA is the way to go.

zoomlanski comments:

Thanks Doug. I'll consider it resolved and keep at it with MLA.