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How do I turn off Image Flow magnification in "Core" theme? WordPress


I am using the Core theme from theme forest ( ) to create a horizontal gallery on my website. Employing the image flow gallery style, the theme is to magnify the 'current' image as you scroll through, mimicking iTunes 'coverflow' styling.

I would like to turn off the magnification and have the ability to set a maximum height for the set of images, so each image is the same height no matter if it's horz. or vert.
view for an example.

I am comfortable editing the files myself, but I don't know quite enough about functions to actually find and change this command. I'd be happy to have someone help show me what files need to be updated with what code, or could give you what files are needed to update, but I can't give FTP access.

Skype: colorfilth


Answers (3)


Ross Wilson answers:


Looks like you need to set the size and zoom properties to the same value. I am not sure if you can configure how it gets embedded on the page, but line 182 on the page above needs to be changed to:
imf.create("imageFlow", '', 0.6, 0.6, 1, 10, 8, 4)

Where the third and fourth parameters are the same, and the fifth (zoom) is 1. If you need some help editing this, or editing the script so that it always works this way let me know.

If you want to set this permanently for any time this plugin is used you can edit the plugin at
/wp-content/themes/core/js/jquery.ppflip.js line 70
to look like this

this.size = horizon;

colorfilth comments:

Hi Ross,
Thanks so much, this as done the trick! I can't see if there is a place I can change the size or make the images start at the beginning of the page, rather than half way down. is that in the same params? If you want, I can ask a new question for that.
Thanks again for your help!

Ross Wilson comments:

So you want to start with the 2nd item focused in the middle? If that is the case just change line 412 in the same script to

$j('#imageFlow img.diapo:eq(1)').click()

colorfilth comments:

that's correct, but changing that line isn't changing the effect on the page - I've updated on the site, and still starting with #1 in the middle


Manoj Raj answers:

Hi Colorfilth,

I am not sure.. The script generated(i think so) is

/* ==== create imageFlow ==== */
// div ID, imagesbank, horizon, size, zoom, border, autoscroll_start, autoscroll_interval
imf.create("imageFlow", '', <strong><em>0.6</em></strong>, <strong><em>0.4</em></strong>, 0, 10, 8, 4);

instead of 0.6, 0.4 It needs to be 0.5,0.5 or 0.6,0.6 or anything you want.. So that there will be no zoom..

You can alter other values and check..

colorfilth comments:

Thanks Manoj, what file am I looking at to alter that code?

colorfilth comments:

I found this code, but altering it hasn't changed the effect


Fahad Murtaza answers:

I can help on skype, quick. Added you on skype.

colorfilth comments:

thank you, working with Fahd now!

Fahad Murtaza comments:

I am on it now.