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How do I disable timthumb image resizing in WordPress


I was suggested this site by the theme creator. The theme I use is "KIN" -

As it works now, I set a target image size in my theme preferences and all images displayed in the main gallery are resized to that target. Different images look better at different dimensions though, and I would like to simply be able to have the gallery display the uploaded images with their native dimensions.


Answers (1)


Julio Potier answers:


I need to read the theme code, can you share it with me ?

Thank you

Spockrates comments:

I doubt I'm allowed to post all the theme files, could you be a bit more specific on which file you need?


Julio Potier comments:

Themes are under GPL licence, you can share and even resell it ;)
But as a non customer, i do not have updates and support.
I need functions.php i think, thank you
ps : i'm on skype : julio.boiteaweb

Spockrates comments:

I will e-mail to you now.

Julio Potier comments:

gtalk/email : [email protected]

Julio Potier comments:

Thanks, i need "lib/custom.lib.php" too

<em>ps : i think your theme is vulnerable to a big security flaw
ps2 : i'm a web security consultant</em>

Julio Potier comments:

thanks, but the line i search is not is this one ^^
Send me every file where the word "timthumb.php" is inside :]
or send me the zip theme, i won't waste time with 100 mails @$10 question :]

Spockrates comments:

Sending shortly!

Julio Potier comments:

Ok, received, i'm on it

Spockrates comments:

Great work Julio, it's all done. =)