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How can I save the setting of my plugin? WordPress


Hi guys,

Despite [[LINK href=""]]my plugin[[/LINK]] being extremely simple, I cannot save its only setting. At this point I'm just fed with this sh*t and concluded that it's more economical for me to pay for the solution rather than wasting any more of my time with it.

Also, I'd like this option to be checked by default and I also want it to preserve its state even if the user deactivates and then reactivates the plugin.

I'd welcome a diff or some specific instructions about what to change.

Thanks in advance,

Answers (1)


Lew Ayotte answers:

You are so close...

Your "action" was wrong, should be "options.php"...

I also fixed a couple other errors you had in there (ln 67 and 68)

László Monda comments:

You're the man! As a final touch, could you please tell me how can I make the value of the option checked by default?

Lew Ayotte comments:

You have to set the defaults when the plugin is activated... something like:

register_activation_hook(__FILE__, 'ufx_add_defaults');
// Define default option settings
function ufx_add_defaults() {
update_option('ufx_options', 'on');