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How can I get my availability calendar on the Agent dashboard? WordPress

I have a vacation rental website that i'm creating and have hit a wall.

I am using the Templatic "RealEstate" theme because I can have agents and homeowners create and manage their own listings.

I have been looking for a simple availability calendar plugin that I can activate on certain listings.
I found one that i can select to include on any posts I want. I can update the calendar in the admin dashboard but I need the home owner to be able to edit their calendar on their dashboard.

This is the one that i found:

Is it possible with some html to include the editable calendar to the individual property dashboard for homeowner editing?

Here it is running on my site:


Answers (3)


Hardeep Singh answers:

The availability calendars are for the site wide and can't be linked to post (home listing/owner).
You would need to attach the calendar to the specific item and then display it accordingly.

No, there is no readymade plugin. We did this for one of our clients (I can't share here).


Christianto answers:

Honestly looking from you site, the plugin has done great job to manage site that can support multiple reservation calendar for each user/post listing and the calendar CAN be linked to post. Pair with T3mplatic theme make it good system for property rental listing site.

If the user roles when user [[LINK href=""]]register to your site[[/LINK]] is 'author', they can edit their post on their dashboard. But since they can't manage it the user roles can be 'contributer' or 'subscriber'.
[[LINK href=""]]More info on user roles on wp.[[/LINK]]

But its pretty complicated, if you set them to 'author' roles then they can edit post, at the same time they have capability to PUBLISH new content without going to your [[LINK href=""]]listing page[[/LINK]].
So I think its better if they can't edit their post directly on their dashboard.

Other option is to create a function/page to edit the calendar availability directly for a specific post/user without going to dashboard. Someone familiar with this plugin (its database/api) can easily create it.


Just Me answers:

Maybe I misunderstand the problem but isn't this plugin already able to work with multiple administrators, each handling their own calenders?

Just Me comments:

if you need to set up different roles and hide some functionality you could take a look at the myeasyhider plugin.