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How can I display a value from WordPress Settings Framework? WordPress


I am using the [[LINK href=""]]WordPress Settings Framework [[/LINK] ]and I want to display the settings values within my theme but I don't know how and I would appreciate some assistance.

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zebra webdesigns answers:

Hello booruguru,

if you have used that framework by default without altering anything then the option name is given as "my_example_settings".

I have attached the screenshot to give an idea of where the option name is provided.

I just accessed one setting called "my_example_settings_general_textarea" to display the value of that particular field.
if you want to see the other fields too, you can un-comment the print_r function to see the rest of settings.

if you need more clarifications ping me in skype.
Skype ID: bhuvan530531

$settings = wpsf_get_settings( 'my_example_settings' );
echo $settings['my_example_settings_general_textarea'];

booruguru comments:

It didn't work.

$settings = wpsf_get_settings( 'my_example_settings' ); contains the expected array of values, but they're all numbered instead of named so echo $settings['my_example_settings_general_textarea']; doesn't seem to do anything.

However, I did figure out how to get it to display data using a function, e.g.
echo wpsf_get_setting( 'my_example_settings', 'general', 'my_example_settings_general_textarea' );

But I want to use the data as variables (not functions). Any suggestions?

zebra webdesigns comments:

Hello Booruguru

I have tested it and then only sent it on your way.
Can you share your screen via Skype.

I have attached the screenshot