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How To Center The Subscribe Button On Opt-In Form WordPress


Hello community,

I need to know how to center the subscribe button on my opt-in form. I'm not sure exactly why it suddenly was not centered, but I really need your help in correcting that. Keep in mind that I'm not techie at all but I can follow instructions. I need that corrected on my landing page opt-in form also.

What code do I need to enter and where do I need to enter it? I need your expertise in resolving this issue. I included an image of the opt-in form.

Kind regards,

Answers (3)


Kyle answers:

Here is the css, this goes in your themes style.css file or you can add a plugin like this for adding it :

.widget_wysija_cont .wysija-submit {
margin: 0 auto;

jimstein1 comments:

This worked! Thanks for giving me the plugin too.

Kyle comments:

You're welcome


Reigel Gallarde answers:

put this css somewhere..

.widget_wysija_cont .wysija-submit {
margin: 20px auto 0;


Shoeb mirza answers:

Your wysija newsletter taking that field as display:block. Just overwrite it using the below code:

input.wysija-submit.wysija-submit-field {
display: initial;