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How Do I Embed A video To Show In Sidebar For Single Post Only? WordPress


When publishing each post, I will have a unique video that goes with each post where I only want each unique video to show only with that particular post in the sidebar on top.

However, considering there is a plug in that handles this I would hate to see down the road hundreds and hundreds of widget tabs going down the page in admin due to my upcoming frequency..

<strong>THE GOAL:</strong>
I would like to have a code handy that I can insert within a post page where I embed the video code within that code (will be using vimeo) where anytime someone goes to that particular post, the video will automatically show up on the top right sidebar - only with the corresponding post. I would like to accomplish this without using widgets.

If any code adjustment is needed for php files, style.css, here is the link to all my files.

Thank you in advance and appreciate your time and effort in helping me square this one away...

Answers (1)


Michael Fields answers:

I think that this plugin by Justin Tadlock does pretty much everything you need it to: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Brandon Boshnack comments:

Hey Mike. Thanks for the tip. I did everything said, got overly excited, ready to grant you your trophy and then got stopped in my tracks. It is not showing at all! Looks like I have the theme from hell.

I am testing to have a video show up and it is not.

What's the next step? Sorry about that...

Michael Fields comments:

Quick idea - did you drop the widget into your sidebar?