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Host all media library images externally WordPress


I'm not talking about just a CDN where images are in the Media Library and on the CDN, I just want to be able to serve them from the external source.

The reason is my client is moving their site to a new server which has only 5GB of storage although he's got 17GB of images, and expects to add much more.

I have tried the External Media plugin ( ) it looks like it could work but only seems to insert one image at a time and doesn't work with our gallery plugin PixProof :

What would be the best way to both upload the current files and then serve the new files from either Google Drive or Amazon S3?

Answers (3)


Kyle answers:

There are several methods that use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and then either cloudfront or S3 for the storage. I've used a few with good results in the past. WPEngine also offers this as a built in service.

Here is a plugin that would get the job done


Rempty answers:

Try this plugin
there is a guide here

User162040 comments:

The plugin says that it doesn't copy existing files to S3, looks like it would work for newly uploaded ones though - although it has a lot of 1 star reviews.

Rempty comments:

The paid version support copy files.

I found other article here using w3 total cache


Fahad Murtaza answers:

I'd suggest this one. There is also a lite version on wordpress plugin repo

User162040 comments:

Everyone else has suggested same plugin which doesn't upload current images.