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Homepage Slider Problem with WooThemes WordPress


I think this'll require familiarity with how WooThemes' "The Station" theme works, specifically the slider on the home page.

Simply put, I can't get the "Container Clickable" to work on the site I'm building at [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

I tried deactiviting all plugins, didn't help.

I tried replacing the ENTIRE entire (customized) theme folder with a stock version, and also with a custom version that I know works from my test site. [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

In no scenario can I get the slide to auto-advance on an anywhere-in-the-panel click.

I simply don't get how something so theme-specific can be rendered inoperable by something that isn't the theme and isn't a plugin. What else is there?!? : (

Answers (2)


Erez S answers:

try to reinstall wordpress and i see that on one of the sites there is widgets and on the other no so check it out. and also you should check out the lang files maybe this is the problem


Dan Davies answers:

I'm confused to what's not working correctly.

The slider seems to be working correctly, but only the 4th slide has any content in it.