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Help with adding new tabs in Thematic Options Pane by Devin Price WordPress


I am developing a site (wordpress) for a client and I need to incorporate the "Thematic Options Panel/Framework" crated by Devin Price. Here you can find more and download the [[LINK href=""]]panel[[/LINK]]

Lets, say I want to include it in TwentyTen theme, I've included it - everything works great, but I need to add some more tabs in content area.
Here is a photo that explains how I want and where I want the tabs to appear :

When I will click on "General Settings" tab it will open me the tab that will contain some more tabs (see the example in the photo Tab 1, Tab 2, Tab3 ... )

If something is not clear please ask more questions.

P.S. Please help me, I need this work to be done by the end of 28-29 december.

Thanks from the start.

Answers (2)


Nick Parsons answers:

Creative Dreams,

The code you need is in the zip file I've attached!

I've included admin-interface.php and theme-options.php, which are the only two files I modified.

All you have to do is add:

$options[] = array(
"name" => "Tab Title",
"type" => "tab"

in theme-options.php where you want the tab to start. Let me know if you have any trouble with it.

And I think $250 is way over the top, but I would appreciate it if you would bump the prize up to $75, assuming my solution works for you. Thanks so much!

Creative Dreams comments:

Hey Nick this is absolutely what I need but seems that something is wrong in the bottom of the panel, look at the first picture without tabs that you added how looks the footer :

And how looks the footer with tabs :

I am agree with 75$ but I will send 25$ after I will finish the project and the client will give me the money on paypal, is this ok for you ?

Nick Parsons comments:

Add this code right after line 479 in admin-interface.php:
".save_bar_top{ clear: both; border-width: 1px; border-style: solid; border-width: 1px 0 0 0; }" +
Sending the extra $25 after your client pays you is fine, by the way :) Thanks.

Creative Dreams comments:

Now seams that everything is working just great! Thank you very much for help.
One more question... If I will find some more bugs in the future with tabs you will help me to fix them? Also could you give your e-mail or skype name?

Creative Dreams comments:

I found a bug in tabs, please help me to fix it.
So the problem is that when I am switching the left tabs more time (ex. first I press the first tab (General Settings) then the second (Styling Options) then again the first than the second again) and when at the finish the second tab is selected I can't see the content from Change Style tab that you created - so I have to press the Add Custom Style Tab and then again Change Style tab to see the content from this tab.

Please help me to resolve this problem.


S├ębastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

50$, i think it's not appropriate. Sorry.

Creative Dreams comments:

How much do you think will be ok?

Creative Dreams comments:

wow! really don't have this money... I think this is to much for adding some tabs case for this framework.