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Help moving a sidebar & removing elements within autofocus theme WordPress



I'm looking for help customizing the [[LINK href=""]]autofocus+ theme [[/LINK]]. I'm trying to edit 2 elements:

1. I'd like to remove the sidebar on the right side of the page and place this information after the information and images in my blog post (so essentially before the footer). I'm pretty sure this is related to the "Entry-meta" element but cannot navigate the CSS well enough to make this change.

2. I'd like to remove the "container" image which appears above the post by default. In the picture i'm attaching it's the image above the title of the post "Dailypic..."

my site is:

Thanks a lot.

Answers (4)


Rashad Aliyev answers:

I'm available now..

Tom Suharto comments:

Hi Rashad

If you are still free to help please send me a note at to[email protected] and let me know what you would need from me.


Rashad Aliyev comments:

<em><strong>Mission completed ;)</strong></em>


enodekciw answers:

Hello, you can contact me at [email protected], will be glad to help you.


barisc3 answers:


Lawrence Krubner answers:

I just want to remind everyone that we prefer it if answers remain public. Please re-read this, if you haven't read it already:

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