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Help me access and secure my website, it's been hacked. WordPress


My website has been hacked and I need to secure it. I can access ftp but I can't login to the backend. PM me for more details.

Answers (4)


Navjot Singh answers:

Just restored the site and fixed everything. Let me anything else you know.


Shoeb mirza answers:

Please tell ur problem...

shoaib_mirza80 --> skype


Hardeep Singh answers:

Please share some more details in terms of site address and how you identified it is hacked.

You can reach me at Skype (trickmyidea) or email me at trickmyidea(at)



Clifford P answers:

If you only have 1 user account on your site (administrator), or you know the 1 account that's been compromised, reset that user's password via PHPMyAdmin:

If you want help from me via PM, you're going to need to increase the prize amount, probably to at least $15.

Wish you the best.