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Hawker WordPress


There is a hawker in my blog wordpress "".

At my external links the link is redirected to

For example: At the page:

at the bottom of the page there is an external link : Tara Oceans Polar Circle

if you clic on the link it is redirected to

Can you help me to get rid of it?

Thank you

Answers (5)


Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

eventuellement tu peux déjà regarder si l'occurence "linkbucks" est présente dans ton theme.
Ensuite pourras regarder si elle est présente dans l'ensemble des fichiers de ton wordpress.

En utilisant par-exemple dreamweaver, c'est très simple.

Marie Dupuy comments:

Bonjour Sébastien,
Où est-ce qu'on peut voir s'il linckbucks est present sur mon theme? J'ai été voir à "gérer les thèmes" mais je n'ai rien trouvé.

J'ai sauvegardé le blog sur Dropbox, mais je n'arrive pas a l'importer sur dreamweaver. Je ne sais pas me servir de Dreamweaver.

Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

arf... tu as tout le dossier de ton theme sur dropbox ?
Dans ce cas tu peux sans doute le partager avec moi.
Et je regarderai si l'occurence est dans un fichier.
Pour partager un dossier dropbox tu suis ce tuto : [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

je t'envoie mon adresse mail dropbox en MP

Marie Dupuy comments:

C'est fait.

Marie Dupuy comments:

Quelle extension anti-virus faut-il installer pour éviter à l'avenir de nouveaux virus?


Balanean Corneliu answers:

Add me on skype please id: balanean.corneliu or send me the credentials to [email protected]

Balanean Corneliu comments:

Its link problem theare you have now href="

The corect is href="

If you need me to do this changes for you send me the acces user and password of wp-admin , thanks.

Balanean Corneliu comments:

If was just a copy/paste action you can open that post in text mode and remove .

If you have more links on your website with the same problem its better to download from ftp and make a general check to your wordpress files, and theme folder.

Marie Dupuy comments:

How do I download from ftp?

And how do I make a general check to WP files and theme folder?

Balanean Corneliu comments:

You can use cuteftp or smartftp like programs to download your all website on your pc, and after you can use dreamweaver or php/html editor.
When you have all files on your pc you can make a full scan with your antivirus to that folder and files, if the antivirus won't detect nothing then you need to check first the files from your theme folder. One by one.... here is hard work.

Make a full backup first.

If you need profesional support for scan and solve this problem just let us know.

Marie Dupuy comments:

I have a mac. I don't find at apple store cuteftp or smartftp. Can Yummy FTP be ok?
Can I export instead?

Balanean Corneliu comments:


Doug Montgomery answers:

Don't see the link you're talking about.

Doug Montgomery comments:

Ya I see it now... and as Hariprasad asked...did you copy and paste info from another site. If so then you need to use a text editor like notepad++ to "clean" the text before you paste it into your post.


Hariprasad Vijayan answers:


Have you copied content from any other site?

Check the posts content from dashboard. Hope you remove the script from there.


Dbranes answers:

There's a possibility that you got a <em>linkbucks</em> virus in your computer, so you should run a virus check on it.

It could be infecting your browser.

So I'm not sure it's enough to clean your links in WordPress.

I found [[LINK href=""]]this[[/LINK]] tutorial and [[LINK href=""]]this one[[/LINK]] or [[LINK href=""]]this one[[/LINK]], that might help you:

<blockquote> has been distinguished as an invasive browser hijack virus that is capable of modifying a web browser’s configuration without user’s authorization. This may be involved with DNS and web search provider settings. In reality, the infection is produced by cyber criminals purposely for marketing, commercial or other illicit purpose. When executed, virus will generally alter the search and error page of an infected browser to its malign domain. In order to boost worse website traffic, may change default homepage to its related URL based on As a consequence, when users open a new tab or link in their browser, they may be redirected to a particular website assigned by attackers.

Marie Dupuy comments:

I just scanned my computer with Bitdefender. My computer is clean.
That means the problem is really in the wordpress blog.

Dbranes comments:

Ok, happy to hear that.

I ran your site through the <em>Sucuri Site Check</em>:

Status: No Malware Detected by External Scan. Additional Actions Recommended!
Web Trust: Not Currently Blacklisted (8 Blacklists Checked)

and similarly for

Status: No Malware Detected by External Scan. Additional Actions Recommended!
Web Trust: Not Currently Blacklisted (8 Blacklists Checked)

It did not expose a malware.

Did you only spot this single link on your site?

Marie Dupuy comments:

I just made a new article:

At the link "questions" i have the same problem. The link goes to linkbuck.

Dbranes comments:

ok, that's tells us that this is not a copy/paste problem from other content, so the problem is either:

1) in your WordPress on the server
2) in your computer and Bitdefender didn't spot it.

So now we have to narrow it down and find where it is placed ;-)

Do you have ftp or better: ssh access to your server?

Dbranes comments:

ps: I would recommend to make a full backup of your site: files + database
before testing anything and just in case this virus spoils your site more.