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Gravity Forms & Wordpress Function help WordPress

I'm working with wordpress and gravity forms. I'm attempting to make it so that if a client fills out a form, they can send a request information form to an advertiser. Then, if they want to send information to a different advertiser when they pull that one up, they can send the same form- but they only have had to fill it out once and the information is saved. So, for example, if a person is viewing caterers and they like AB Catering, they send them a form requesting information. Then, they view CD Catering, and want to request information from them, they can just submit their saved information from the form they submitted to AB.

Also, if possible, the clients can then track the requests they sent (Have a listing of them saved when they put in their email). I then need to be able to take a form to include details (such as has some feature: yes so it displays, or if answer is no, it doesn't.) This was previously done & run on an asp database, so configuring this on wordpress with custom queries is a bit different. Can anyone help??

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