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Gravity Forms / Stripe Error WordPress


I keep getting an error when I try to use the Stripe for Gravity Forms addon.

The error message is:

Unable to authorize card. No response from Stripe.js.

The site is:

Seems to be the theme breaking it, but I'm not sure what to fix in the theme. It works with WP default theme activated.

Answers (1)


Kyle answers:

1) There are two GF Stripe Add-ons -- one is first party from the gravity forms website, and one is from the WP repository. Which are you using? Try the other and see if it fixes it

2) Your theme is getting a script error for a file missing. You need to contact your dev the modernizr isn't load right.

3) Are your API Keys properly loaded and configured?

Anne Shenton comments:

Thank you Kyle, and sorry for my delayed response. I tried the other GF Stripe Add-On (repository) and that fixed the credit card processing issue. Payments are working now. However, the order total is not updating when you enter the payment amount. Do you think that is related to the modernizr?

Kyle comments:

Yes, more than likely. The calculations is done through a javascript function, whenever there are script errors elsewhere on the page it can often conflict. It looks like you are using a kind of custom theme, it should be a pretty simple fix for your dev, the filepath is just wrong.