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Gravity Forms / CSS - Hide a textarea input box WordPress


Hi I have created a form upon a wordpress site using Gravity forms with quite a complicated layout.

You can see here www horsebreedersuk com/advertise/stallions/ (please add the dots. into the url)

The only way I could get this layout to work was to insert 2 text input fields that are useless (these are the fields are titled *Ignore this box*) I know this was quiet a dirty fix to my problem, but I just couldn't get it the way I wanted with css.

I can apply a css class to each of these *Ignore this box* fields.

Is there a way to hide these two fields using css? If I remove the 2 fields the rest of the form layout moves around and then I cannot get it to how I wanted.


Answers (2)


Manoj Raj answers:

What you have now in your website - Is it the correct layout?

You want to just hide the 2 elements ignore-box?

Why don't you just add visibility: hidden to each of the elements?

li#field_1_47 {visibility: hidden; }
li#field_1_48 {visibility: hidden; }

The above css will work

Ross Gosling comments:

Thank you, very simple but saved me lots of time!


Kannan C answers:

Try this

div.ginput_container { width:200px; height:22px; display:block; }
input.input_47, input.input_48 { display:none }