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Have a problem with Gravity Forms 1.7 thought one of you may help me out with. Can't seem to have notifications sent anywhere else except my admin email all other emails failed. Tried on Gmail and Yahoo as well. I have mac email. What do you think my be happening?
Even tried assigning a email to be a administrator but it was a no go.


Answers (2)


Eric P. answers:

Step 1: Determine if this is a Gravity forms issue only, or if it's a mail issue from your WordPress.

Does your site send email correctly from WordPress? Is Gravity Forms the only thing that doesn't work? Or does the site not send admin notice emails either?

I've sent you my email address. If you want to add me as a user (just a "subscriber", and you can delete me after the email is sent, I can check if I get the notification email. Or sign one of your own email addresses up.

Gravity Forms uses wp_mail() to send the email. If only gravity forms is having the issue, that's different than if nothing in WordPress can send email.


I've added this to save you from reading a couple of my followups and get you right to the "final answer."

You should definitely add a TXT record for your domain like this one: 600 IN TXT "\"v=spf1 a mx ~all\""

That's a TTL of 600 (use whatever you want for TTL), a TXT record with the text "v=spf1 a mx ~all" including the opening and closing quotes. Test with that. If it works, change "~all" at the end to "-all" after testing.

The issue is your hosting service uses another mail relay to "firewall" outbound email. So, to gmail, yahoo and other mail providers, your emails look like they are spam (bad spam) because they are being forwarded by a mail relay outside your domain. The hosting service you are using has their outbound mail relays in the "" domain. By specifying a Sender Policy Framework TXT record in your DNS, you tell the world that it's OK if mail from your domain is relayed by "" mail relays.

Eric P. comments:

One more thing, what is the "from address" being used by Gravity Forms? Your hosting service may only allow outgoing mail from email addresses on your own domain. And your hosting service could also require some additional DNS entries for mail to be fully functional.

Eric P. comments:

Also, do you have any "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" emails in the main (default) mailbox on your sever?

Go to (ignore the certificate error, or use the actual hosting service server name instead of to avoid the certificate error). Log in with the main hosting account id (not an email address, just the username) and password. That will take you to the "default" mail address for that hosting account. Often the "Mail Delivery System" will send bounce messages to that address. If you have messages with a subject of "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" you have a mail or DNS issue.

Eric P. comments:

One more thing, just based on past experience with your hosting provider, I am guessing you'll find some emails in the default mail box from "Mail Delivery System" <MAILER-DAEMON@gateway<em>xx</em>> with a subject of "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender".

Most likely, it will be fixed if you add a DNS TXT record like this: 600 IN TXT "\"v=spf1 a mx ~all\""


Galia Bahat answers:

Just a guess - check your SMTP settings

I usually check SMTP when no mail is sent, and you're saying you're getting e-mail to one address, but it may be worth a shot.

And just making sure - did you check the spam folder? The way these things work (especially with dodgy SMTP settings) these e-mails could end up there.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, I don't use Gravity Forms myself :)